Saints and SINners

Food Fight/Spite in 60 Seconds
""We all have our opinions on parenting. Grab the baby and let's head to the bar."

Car-Go! Facility Assaulted by Ork Go-Gang

SEATTLE, UCAS – A Car-Go! vehicle warehouse near SeaTac International was the victim of go-gang violence late Saturday afternoon. The orks overpowered the security guards in the financial office, rode their motorcycles through the facility, and conducted drag races on the street leading to the garage.

“I though the girl that came in seemed suspicious,” said Dorothy Hayden, 46. “I leaned over to help her with some paperwork for the car she was selling and someone hit me from behind.”

Lone Star representatives claim the go-gangers set up a car with false information to allow the gang entry into the facility. The gang, identified as the Green Goblins, is comprised solely of ork members.

Car-Go allows car owners to sell their vehicles at the airport and purchase a new vehicle when they arrive at their destination.

A Car-Go! rep claimed minimal damage to three vehicles in the facility from the racing. Four security guards and Mrs. Hayden suffered minor injuries. No cars were stolen.

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